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March 9, 2012 / jamiedayton

The Fruit of the Spirit

I am a homeschooling mom. If you asked me why I homeschooled I would tell you it is because I don’t have any other choice, schools here in Kuwait are EXPENSIVE (how about $10,000.00 a year just for Kindergarten and the prices go up from there). Truth be told, because I use this excuse I don’t put all my effort into it, I complain about it a lot and do everything but enjoy it.

Now that it looks like we are for sure moving back to the U.S this summer I have been really asking myself, is it God who wants me to home school? Have I been defiant in my calling to teach my children. Lord knows I plan to sign them up for school as soon as we know where we are going, but I am trying to hear from Him and am asking for His wisdom in this matter. truly, if He wants me to home school, I will, and this time with a more obedient heart.

After all, I know that they won’t learn things like this at a public school

Fruit of the Spirit Tree

We are doing KONOS curriculum and studying the character trait HONOR.  One of the activities is to make a Fruit of the Spirit tree. The idea is to teach that we Honor God and when we do we will portray the fruit of the Spirit by living in th Spirit.

To do this we listened to the Seeds Family Worship song on the Fruit of the Spirit. I took some wire hangers and cut them, straightened them out, tied them together with one of the cut pieces by bending it around with some pliers, then twisted all the hangers together and straightening one out at a time for a branch. Then I wrapped brown tissue paper all around it. I took a coffee can filled it with rocks and wrapped some construction paper around it. We planted the “tree” then cut out fruit, wrote a trait on them, punched a whole on the top and strung yarn through them, then the boys took turns hanging the fruit while we sang the song we had learned earlier.


We talked about theses things being a way to tell if someone has Jesus in their heart. Now I am on the spot to be more in the Spirit and to live with more self-control, kindness, gentleness……. so they can see it modeled, but it is also a great discipline tool as I say :__________ Are you being Gentle??”

I wrote on the planter

“Plant the seed of JESUS in my heart where the SPIRIT will live and bring forth His FRUIT”.  For heart I drew a heart and inside wrote the names of my four children.

May you have much fruit in your life!



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